Thanks for visiting! I’m in process of switching my site name and training program from K9 Rivalry to Savvy Dog Sports. My first performance dog Rival led me on a journey showing how amazing our bond can be with dogs and all that was possible to achieve in dog sports.  Together we reached many goals, always performing to bring out our very best.  I owe so very much to her …

Savvy happens to be the name of one of my current dog and also means “Practical know-how” and well informed, perceptive, knowledgeable, proficient, resourceful, practical understanding, intelligence, common sense and awareness. All qualities I want in a training partner and companion! Savvy and I embarked on a new adventure with Nosework in early 2013, adding another fun and enjoyable sport to my dog addicted activities :).

At Savvy Dog Sports, I will share my expertise to bring out the very best in each dog/handler team! My training approach is reward-based with a focus on stress-free learning. Dogs and people learn best when they are in a happy and positive emotional state.  Applying both the art and science of training, my goal is to create a mutually enjoyable relationship, based on motivation, fun and applied behavioral science.  Teams will learn engagement and personal play skills as well as fun new ways to teach behaviors.

I will be expanding my course offering in a variety of sports starting in 2018. Savvy Dog Sports will offer classes in Nosework, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Pet Manners and more!

Stay tuned for more information!