Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Train One-on-One with Julie Symons

How does Online Coaching work?
I will set up a private Facebook group with just you and me!  You pick what you want to work on! Or we can come up with a lesson plan. You’ll submit videos and ask questions and I’ll review and provide feedback. Each topic/video discussion is discussed within a post so they are easy to follow and refer back to. The payment covers 1 hour of coaching and correspondence.

What topics can be covered?
I provide coaching for Nosework, Obedience, and Agility. If you have other topics you would like to discuss, let me know and we can see if the format makes sense for what you want to cover.

Please contact [email protected] to schedule before sending payment. If you prefer another form of payment besides Paypal, that’s fine! Let’s talk!

You can also pay via Zelle using [email protected]