Online FDSA Classes

Online Classes

Taught through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, classrooms are open 24/7 and run for 6 weeks. Working and auditing spots available.

NW180 Building Scent-sational Skills for Competition

You’ve learned the basics, even dabbled in some advanced skills but are you ready for competition? With so many scent detection organizations out there teams are entering competition faster than ever and moving up even faster! This class will help you be prepared and even assess IF you should be trialing yet. As we all know, a rocky foundation will not support the higher levels of any sport! The challenges and skills required at the higher levels of scent detection sports are FUN and interesting. You want to soar when you get to those levels and have the foundation to support it. Learn now what you’ll need later!

  • OPENS March 22nd
  • Course runs April 1st – May 12th
  • Pricing starts at $65 to audit (bronze)
  • Working spots available (Gold) – work 1:1 with Julie!
  • Last day to signup is April 15th.
  • Instructor: Julie Symons