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Savvy Dog Sports

Julie Symons, founder of Savvy Dog Sports, is a popular instructor and a seasoned competitor across multiple dog sports. Julie is available online through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and runs a training facility in Honeoye Falls, NY.

Online classes

Julie offers a variety of classes and workshops through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy.

Trials and Events

Bringing Nosework trials and events to Western NY. Check out what’s coming soon!

Dog Studio Rentals

At Savvy Dog Sports, we offer rentals in our tempature controlled 48×80 foot facility.

About Julie Symons


Julie has been involved in dog sports for over 30 years. Early in her training, she was fortunate to find a local community of passionate and talented trainers where she was able to learn and grow across multiple sports. She has earned multiple High in Trials and High Combined awards with multiple dogs across different sports. Julie is an energetic instructor who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

What students are saying about Julie …

“Julie Symons is an exceptional teacher, giving straightforward and kind reviews of teams, always encouraging them to be curious and providing lots of ideas about strengthening team skills in Nosework. Far and above, the best class I’ve taken at FDSA. She serves her students by being available, offering lots of clarity, along with the rare ability to sometimes question what we are observing in videos submitted — all presented with an incredible amount of humility and personal training experience. Highly recommend any class with her.”

“We started with Julie’s Intro to Nosework class and never looked back. We secured a gold spot each term until we ran out of her classes to take! Julie’s responsiveness, feedback tailored to my dog, and, just as importantly, tweaking my handling have been unparalleled. She is genuinely invested in our results and checks in when we are at trials, even when classes are not in session.”