NW Hide Highlight #6 – Supporting dog in corner

January 21, 2024

This is the sixth in my series of Hide Highlights. Some hides are just SO cool to watch being solved that it deserves a highlight!

In this highlight I’m focusing on how our handling can support a dog while searching in a corner. In these video clips, there was a hide on the end of the bench near a corner. Handlers who stepped in a little closer and stayed facing their dog when they turned around allowed the dog to work the hide. If handlers stayed back too far or turned when their dog turned around in the corner pulled their dog out of the corner and therefore away from working the hide.

Some dogs will naturally work deep into areas regardless of our position. If you have a dog who is aware of and more responsive if you anchor too far back or rotate/turn before they pick a direction can more easily be pulled off a hide.

Here are two examples of how handling supported Clodagh and Treva to work that corner. Great job teams!


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