NW Hide Highlight #3 – Airscenting

August 22, 2023

This is the third in my series of Hide Highlights. Some hides are just SO cool to watch being solved that it deserves a highlight!

I was able to use this splash park as it was closed down for repairs. It’s a big open area without a lot of surface for odor to catch onto and hold. There was a lot of plastic wrapped around the water “hydrants” causing some odor pooling. The wind was moving at a slight diagonal left to right with the start line upwind of the hide.

This video highlights Nick. He did a super air scenting job! The hide was collecting on the other poles/plastic and caused some pooling/interest on the poles downwind of the hide. Nick picked up the scent in a “Point to Point” fashion. Point to Point means the dog is parallel to the hide and the odor plum intersects the line perpendicular to the dog’s path. Once Nick caught odor and turned left at 11s, he used the odor collecting on the poles and air scented it to source on the next pole over. The handler is also patient to watch it all unfold! Well done!



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  1. Pat

    Great job by the team.