If you are a dog trainer, how many times do you feel you are dragging yourself out of bed early to go train when you really just want to stay under those warm covers and sleep some more?

Sometimes it may be training after a long day of work when  you’d rather just stay home and kick your feet up and relax.

Dog training is fun, but also a lot of work and at times, can be very time consuming and also challenging.

Its the fruits of our labor which is defined as “the profits or gains achieved as a result of hard work”.  On that day I want to be lazy but pull myself up to go train, I reap the benefits of the results that lay ahead! I’m seeing that now with Drac in many areas of his training. All that hard work and early outings is paying off!

And it’s not just the results of our training that are achieved, but the accumulation of our experiences that provide framework and knowledge when teaching classes and giving seminars.  It’s our trial and errors, our desire to improve, learn more, seek out advice, read up on training methods, etc that support our ability to impart our knowledge onto others.

I’m motivated to train by many factors .. 1) gives my dogs some mental and physical activity, 2) tires them out so I can get to other things later, like a nap or errands or computer time!, 3) knowing it’s another step in my learning and journey, and 4) I have a sense of accomplishment that sets the tone for the day. I’m goal oriented and a completer finisher … I push forward to reach that ultimate goal and knowing if I don’t get up, don’t go out and train, I will not reach that which I want to attain!! I also quite like being out in nature with my dogs – that quiet peacefulness of a walk or training early when only the birds and animals are up! And mostly, the amazing ability to connect with and communicate with another species, working together with mutual respect, joy and harmony. It’s pretty amazing!

These past few months, I’ve been getting a lot of tracking in with Drac – with a goal to get him certified by years end and before winter really hits. A week ago, I changed my routine – lay track, then long dog walk, then run. It’s working! Between then and now, I focused on some article tracks – no age, just breaking out the skill that I knew he needed based on information from my training. This morning I did another aged track, short, 2 turns, no articles in the middle. Very recently this all just started to click and come together! Those frustrating sessions, working through harness issues, some good some not so good sessions. But now, I know we got this!

The tone of my day is set! I’m in a great mood! My dogs are tired and happy. I’m getting some other work done. And I feel a sense of accomplishment with plans for the next session!

Today, this holiday of giving thanks – I’m thankful for having found dog sports through my first dogs Dreyfus and Rival. I’m thankful for being able to continue my passion with Savvy and Drac and future dogs. I’m thankful for all the wonderful people I’ve met through dog sports, who I’ve learned so much from and call my friends! To my family and friends – without them, who knows where I’d be! They provide so much support and encouragement that it keeps me sane!

Stay tuned for my next blog on coaching and what that means to me and how thankful I am for the coaches in my life!

If you want to see our track today! Here is is!