Savvy Dog Sports

Savvy Dog Sports classes are held primarily¬†at our new “Dog Studio” in Honeoye Falls. Some Nosework classes are held at the HFL High School or “on the road”, and other classes like agility could be held outside.

Due to COVID-19 classes have been on hold and starting to resume early rescheduled classes. New classes have not been rolled out yet and will be on an unlimited basis.

Class schedules will be rolled out 6 times a year for a 2 month term. New terms will start in May, July, September, November, January and March.

Local Classes:

  • ON HOLD. Nosework scent detection classes are held periodically at the Honeoye Falls-Lima High School through the Honeoye Falls Community program. Course catalog and registration available at this link:
  • No new classes are being scheduled at this time. Classes should resume mid summer.

For the full schedule of classes starting in March:

You can also view classes filtered by sport:

For Nosework classes:
For Rally classes:
For Obedience classes:
For Agility classes:

Online Booking

Building Rental:

Building rental is available at the following costs starting 2020:
1 person = $20 an hour
2 people = $24 an hour
3-5 people = $30 an hour

Please contact me for booking or for other requests at Savvydogsports at gmail dot com. You can view likely availability on calendar below. PLEASE send me a direct email as the contact form doesn’t always reach me via email. Thanks!