Online FDSA Classes

Online Classes:
Taught through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. No set times for “class”. Classrooms are open 24/7 and run for 6 weeks.  Classes open for registration about 2 weeks before they start. Working and auditing spots available.


NW101 Introduction to Nosework, Starting December 1,2021

NW325 Purposeful Drills for Progressing Skills, Starting December 1, 2021

NW120 Introduction to NW Search Elements, Starting February 1, 2022

NW180: Developing Scent-sational Skills for Competition, Starting April 1, 2022

OB320: Obedience Starter Games, Starting April 1, 2022

NW101: Introduction to Nosework, Starting June 1, 2022

NW205: Creating Clarity with Contrasts, Starting June 1, 2022