May/June Class Registration

I’m excited to share the upcoming class schedule at Savvy Dog Sports. The building is *almost” ready for use – expecting the mats to arrive any day now! Unless noted, all classes are at 67 Lanning Road, Honeoye Falls, NY and may be held outside.

Class schedules will be rolled out 6 times a year for a 2 month term. New terms will start in May, July, September, November, January and March. Below are the classes offered for May and June. Instructor for all classes this term is: Julie Symons. Due to the shortened term and my travel schedule, the course offerings this term are a little light.

Schedule offerings will adjust after seeing the interest and what works best for most. If you see a class you like but can’t make the day or time, leave a comment and let me know! If you don’t see a class you’d like to take, let me know that too! More options will be rolled out in the July term for obedience, agility and nosework.

You will be redirected to a new browser page if your submission was successful. On some email service providers, you will also receive an automated email confirmation. Registration does not guarantee a spot in class. Confirmation of class enrollment will be emailed with payment information. Waitlists will be created as needed.

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Intro to Nosework, $150 for 6 week series, +$15 for starter kit. Max 6 Teams
Nosework continues to be one of the fastest growing dog sports! Similar to professional detection dog training (bomb, drugs, cadaver, etc), we will train your dog to have value for the target odor Birch. We will tap into your dog's natural hunt drive and amazing sense of smell and turn them into super crime detection sniffer dogs! Nosework is for dogs of all ages and temperaments and build confidence and cultivates a strong working bond between dog and handler.


Nosework Skill Building, $25. Max 5 teams.
For dogs who have completed an introductory NW class and are building their search element skills (Vehicles, Exteriors, Interior, Containers)


Crazy Containers!, $25. Max 5 Teams
Let's "think outside the box" and really proof and challenge our teams to search wild and crazy container setups! For dogs already on odor and trialing.


Nosework Games, $25. Max 5 Teams
I have many! Using games helps to build skills, confidence and tests for any gaps you may have in your training. Odor is odor! It doesn't matter where it is, our dogs can find it with many fun and clever ways to search!


Elite/Master Nosework Skills, $25. Max 5 Teams
This class is for teams getting ready to compete at the Elite NACSW level and/or AKC Master level. Rules, strategies and what to expect will be covered. Topics may include improving  your dog's "find another", ensuring the search area is covered, working close converging hide placements. elevation and learning to work larger areas with longer search times and many more hides!


Advanced Handler Discrimination Scent Work (AKC), $25. Max 5 Teams
This class is for teams who have completed an intro to Handler Discrimination class and are preparing for AKC trialing.


Nosework Thresholds, $25. Max 5 Teams
This class will focus on building value for finding those threshold hides! By patterning and using stronger odor, we will teach those blaster dogs to put their nose to use right from the start!


Agility Foundations 1, $100 for 4 week series. Max 5 Teams
For new dogs wanting to learn about the sport of agility. Foundations is EVERYTHING! We will introduce skills that will later be applied to learning obstacles and handling.


Agility Diagnostics - How do I fix this? $25. Max 5 Teams
We all have areas we need to improve and often fixing it is returning to foundations. This class can cover obstacle skills, start lines, handling issues, disconnecting, you name it, let's fix it! This class will also give us a chance to get to know new teams who may join future agility classes at Savvy Dog Sports!! Please list your fixit area(s) in the Comments section below.



Dog Sports Foundations 1, $100 for 4 week series. Max 6 Teams
For any sport, it's ALL about FOUNDATIONS! Learn basic concepts for developing stronger dog training skills including how to improve your mechanics when using marker systems, having a rock-solid release cue, chin rests, how to stay connected, tools for managing your dog in unexpected situations, and much much more. We'll discuss why issues may be occurring and ways to build better connection and performances.


Puppy Class! $80 for 4 week series. Max 5 Teams
This class will introduce our active and wiggly puppies to the world around them! Surfaces, noises and other experiences to build curiosity and empowerment in their environment. We will cover some basic games including mat time, it's your choice, collar grab, get it, drop and more! Puppies must be ~4 months old and less than a year old.

Coming soon!

  • More NW classes
  • Props and Platforms
  • Obedience Games
  • All About Cues!
  • Agility Classes
  • Finding your dog's motivator (play, food, toys)
  • Pet Manners and Relationship Building