July/August Class Registration

Savvy Dog Sports is rockin’ and rolling! Below are the classes being offered for July and August. All classes are at 67 Lanning Road, Honeoye Falls, NY unless otherwise noted and may be held outside.

Instructor for all classes is Julie Symons except where noted.

You asked and you received…  Melanie Whitehair will be teaching conformation classes in August!

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Puppy Class! $20 per class. Max 5 Teams
This class will introduce our active and wiggly puppies to the world around them! Surfaces, noises and other experiences to build curiosity and empowerment in their environment. We will cover some basic games including mat time, it's your choice, collar grab, get it, drop and more! Puppies must be ~4 months old and less than a year old.


Conformation Classes, $25 per class. Max 6 Teams, Instructor Melanie Whitehair
Learn the importance of having the right skills for presenting your dog in the conformation ring! Your dog doesn't have to just have breed type! They need to be handled skillfully, from stacking, gaiting and showing their dentition. You will gain these new skills with the coaching of AKC conformation judge Melanie! Participants should bring a copy of their breed standard and their cell/tablet to be videoed.



Nosework Skill Building, $25. Max 5 teams.
For dogs who have completed an introductory NW class and are building their search element skills (Vehicles, Exteriors, Interior, Containers)


Nosework Time Pressured Searches!, $25. Max 5 Teams
Learn handling tips and approaches to keep it together on tight search times. Element specialty trials, game classes and Elite level searches can have challenging time constraints to complete your search. Embrace the challenge and trust your dog!


Nosework Inaccessibles, $25. Max 5 Teams
Hides can often be "inaccessible" meaning the dog can not get their nose within a few inches of the hide. Hides can be in drawers, cabinets, underneath center of a car where you must learn to read your dog's indication that may be different than accessible hides.


NW3 Readiness, $25 per class. Max 5 Teams
This class will cover skills required for NW3 competition. Numer of hides are unknown at this level! For interiors 0-3 and containers, exteriors and vehicles it's 1-3. Learn how to read your dog when the area is cleared, when a room is blank, how not to over search and to confidently call "FINISH".


Elite/Master Nosework Skills, $25. Max 5 Teams
This class is for teams getting ready to compete at the Elite NACSW level and/or AKC Master level. Rules, strategies and what to expect will be covered. Topics may include improving your dog's "find another", ensuring the search area is covered, working close converging hide placements. elevation and learning to work larger areas with longer search times and many more hides!


Nosework Buried Hides (AKC), $25. Max 5 Teams
Get ready for the August Romulus AKC trials and knock out your buried hide legs! New approaches to teach your dog to pull odor out of the soil/sand and confidently indicate the correct odor box!


Corner Hides, $25. Max 5 Teams
How well does your dog search corners? Corners can be tricky as some dogs don't want to go into tight spaces or "cut" corners and miss a hide. We will pattern train the concept so that your dog never misses a corner hide again!


Crazy Containers!, $25. Max 5 Teams
Let's "think outside the box" and really proof and challenge our teams to search wild and crazy container setups! For dogs already on multiple odors and trialing.


Props and Platforms, $100 for 4 week series. Max 5 Teams
Learn fun ways to use props and platforms to teach accurate stays, signals, around finishes, fronts, pivots and more! The use of small training gates will also be introduced, popularized by Julie Flanery, for Freestyle and Rally Free sports.


Obedience Games, $25 per class. Max 5 Teams
Based on my popular Obedience Game classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, I will showcase a sampling of the more popular games including thrus and releasing fronts, Mark-Chase-Race, setups with spins, marking for sends and retrieves, multi-tasking and much much more!


Agility Foundations, $25 per class. Max 5 Teams
For teams new to the sport or starting a new dog. We will introduce skills for jumping, weaves, contact behavior, basic handling and more! Foundations is EVERYTHING! Before doing any full height or perform a full obstacle, we break it down, back chain it and build skills incrementally.

Agility Jumps and Weaves, $25 per class. Max 5 Teams
This class is for dogs still learning to weave or looking to improve or troubleshoot weave pole issues. We'll also cover jump skills, building value for jumping and handling those tricky jump sequences!



Hide Placement and Handling, Max 8 Teams
Working $90, Auditing $30
Learn what good and bad hide placements are and how placement affects the dog's ability to source hides. Participants will set hides for others and we will analyze our handling on known and blind hide placements.


Training and Trialing Strategies for Confidence and Success,  Max 8 Teams
Working $90, Auditing $30
Tackle advanced topics and ideas for training and trialing for your team! Topics will include reflecting on trial experiences on what went right and taking inventory of areas that can improve. We will review the most common handling mistakes, and surface any skill gap your dog may have. Learn how to cover an area and know when to call finish. We are 50% of the team and have just as an important role as our dog!